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Dog Park

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Dog park to close temporarily for upgrades

San Angelo’s dog park will be closed from April 9 through May so Parks crews can install canine play obstacles and establish more turf. During that span, the Parks and Recreation Department will experiment with a leash-free area next to the park at 3215 Millbrook Drive.

When the dog park opened last fall, the parks department planned to close it this spring to make further improvements. The additions will be paid for with unused project funds, all but $12,000 of which were raised privately.

Since its opening, the dog park has become a popular destination for dog lovers and their canine companions. Unleashed dogs are allowed to romp and play with one another in separate fenced areas for small and large breeds.

Built by City crews, the park sits alongside the Red Arroyo Trail and near Unidad Park. It recently earned a statewide honor – the Park Development Innovations Award from the Texas Recreation and Parks Society.

“San Angelo had told us for years it desperately wanted a park where dogs could socialize,” Parks and Recreation Director Carl White said. “It’s wonderful to see how much enjoyment the dogs and their owners are getting from it. Now we’re aiming to make it even better.”

White said leash-free areas are becoming commonplace in parks across the country. If the leash-free area works well in the coming weeks, White said he will ask the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to consider recommending it as a permanent option for the City Council to consider.

What is a dog park?

Essentially, it's a fenced-in area where dogs can run, play and socialize with other dogs off their leashes. San Angelo's dog park is segregated, with one area for smaller dogs and another for larger breeds. There are entrance areas where the dogs are brought in on a leash and then taken to their respective off-leash area.

These parks aren't just for the dogs; they're also a great place for people to socialize. Dog parks create an awesome venue for visitors and dog owners and lovers to meet each other, become friends and make their community a better one through social interaction.

The dog park is made possible by generous donations of the public, some half-cent sales tax funds from the City of San Angelo Development Corp., and construction by Raymond Meza Fence Co. and Parks employees.


The dog park is at 3215 Millbrook Drive.


The dog park features:

  • Walkways
  • Drinking fountains
  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Trash cans
  • Doggie bag dispensers
  • Signage
  • Obstacles
  • Trees
  • Drip irrigation

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Dog park rules


  1. Visitors shall:
    • Obey dog park hours which are from sunrise to sunset daily, unless otherwise closed for maintenance or after inclement weather events.
    • Obey all other rules that govern City of San Angelo parks.
    • Stay within the park and within the view of the dog at all times.
  2. No person shall bring into an off lease area:
    • A dangerous dog as defined by Section 822.041 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, as amended.
    • A female dog in heat.
    • More than two dogs at a time.
    • A dog that is not currently registered, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered in compliance with Chapter 3 of this code.
  3. Any person who brings a dog into a designated dog park facility shall:
    • Keep dog(s) in the appropriate area as designated by signs.
    • Dispose of all fecal matter in the appropriate container.
    • Carry a visible leash at all times.
    • Keep the dog(s) under voice control at all times.
    • Remove any dog showing any sign of aggression toward any person or animal immediately.
    • Remove any dog excessively barking.


  • The following is prohibited in all fenced areas of the dog park.
    • Sick animals
    • Professional training
    • Spike or pinch collars
    • Food for humans or dogs, including treats
    • Children younger than 10
    • Children between the ages of 10 and 16 years unaccompanied by a responsible adult
    • Children chasing or otherwise taunting or harassing dogs within the park

Visitor acknowledgment

  • The use of a designated dog park by any dog constitutes:
    • Implied consent of the owner, harborer or person having care, custody or control of the dog to comply with all conditions and regulations stated in this section or posted at the dog park site.
    • Acknowledgment that visitors are solely responsible for damage and injury caused by their dog.
    • A waiver of liability to the City by the owner, harborer or person having care, custody or control of the dog and an agreement to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless for any injury or damage caused by the dog during any time that the dog is in the designated dog park.


  • A person who violates a provision of this division shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and fined in a sum not to exceed $500. Repeated violations may result in dogs and/or owners being prohibited from future use of the facility by the director of Parks and Recreation.