Our Mission

Continually improve the traveling public and pedestrian mobility in our community, while incorporating an increased level of safety for all citizens.

Our Departmental Responsibility

  • 118 Signalized Intersections
  • 13,880 Street Signs

Traffic Operations Department Core Functions

Traffic Systems

  • Signal timing and phasing improvements
  • Installation and replacement of LED bulbs at all signalized intersections
  • Installation and replacement of Video Detection Systems
  •  Installation, inspection and oversight of new signals
  • Repair and maintenance of damaged signals
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of School Zone and Pedestrian Flashing Beacons
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Studies
  • Traffic Speed Studies
  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Studies
  • Speed Hump Studies (Contact Engineering Services for Requests)
  • Coordination of Emergency Service Vehicle detection and preemption

Traffic Operations

  • Installation, repair, and GIS data collection of all Signs
  • In-house sign design
  • Installation and maintenance of Pavement Markings
  • Adopt-A-Spot signs
  • Installation and maintenance of crosswalks
  • Speed Hump Installation
  • On-street parking, signs and markings
  • Fire Hydrant curb markings (Red)


Infrastructure Bond Funding - Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS)

  • Council Approved Project on February 6, 2017
  • Currently Scheduled to be complete and operational by July 1, 2017
  • Initial roadways included in this project are Knickerbocker Rd., Sherwood Way and Bryant Blvd. (US 87)
  • Includes approximately 60 intersections

Infrastructure Bond Funding - MLK Drive Project Signals (Scheduled Completion Date June 2018)

  • Intersection of MLK Dr. & 19th St. (SH 208)
  • Intersection of MLK Dr. & 29th St.

Infrastructure Bond Funding - Bell Street Project Signals (Scheduled Completion Date January 2020)

  • Intersection of Bell St. & Harris St.
  • Intersection of Bell St. & Rio Concho Dr.

Construction or Damaged Signals

Current List of Intersections to use Caution or Alternative Route

None Currently