Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Mild is asking that photos of damage from Friday night's storms be sent to They may help city and county officials in attaining state and federal aid. 

The City's Operations Department has set up 3 drop-off sites for storm debris. They are at ...


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  • What is WIC?

  • Can foster parents, grandparents, single parents and families in the armed forces participate in WIC?

  • How does WIC help people?

  • Who does WIC help?

  • How long can a mom be on the WIC program?

  • How long can children be on the WIC program?

  • How does a family qualify for WIC?

  • What foods does WIC offer?

  • How do I purchase my WIC foods?

  • What do I need to bring for my WIC appointment?

  • What if I can’t find my card or it isn't working?

  • What are WIC classes for?

  • How do classes work?

  • I have a busy schedule. Is there a better time to come in so I won’t need to wait too long?

  • How can WIC help me with breastfeeding?

  • Can WIC help refer me to other services I need?

  • What is WIC’s contact info, hours and locations?